About the System

A system for business promotion and advertising

PRESTOConcept is a specialized information system for companies in the industry of promotion and advertising, including advertising agencies.  Our system provides a complete solution in order to improve communication, task execution and the development of advertising campaigns.

Who is PRESTOconcept for?

PRESTOconcept is a tool dedicated to dynamically developing companies which need an effective system to supervise the flow of information within a company and carry out financial controlling.
PRESTOconcept provides modern management tools (e.g. complex data analysis) which support and facilitate the process of making important business decisions. At the same time, our Web-to-Concept technology allows our customers to develop a more improved and customer-oriented business culture.

Respect your time - time is money

Have you ever encountered a situation in which a lack of contact with an employee prevented you from implementing corrections based on last-minute customer suggestions?

Surely you are aware of the results of wasted time, unnecessary worries, and even a negative impact on customer relations in the worst case scenario.  It did not, and does not have to be this way.

Imagine an different way...

You have access to a system which, in a crisis situation, can help you to react quickly and effectively from almost any location in the world.

If you are outside of your company, but have access to the internet, then all the tools you need are at hand on the company server.  Regardless of whether they come directly from the customer, or from your RIP, GFX, processing or printing departments - PRESTOconcept can help. You can make the key decisions and your employees, armed with PRESTOconcept, can make the changes; regardless of the stage of the order. The customer can receive the order on time and you can analyze any new information. The CRM module built into PRESTOconcept provides an extensive database of knowledge on the history of your customers.  This excellent feature allows you to know which representative of your company had contact with your customers, what the results of their talks were and and the size and type of any new orders acquired.

Projekt jest współfinansowany przez Unię Europejską ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego.