Cookies policy

1. Cookies used by Administrator are safe for users devices. By using Cookies is not possible to infect user devices by viruses or other unwantet software. Files allow to identify software used by the user and individually customize service to each user. Cookies contain name of the domain, storage time in device and assigned value.

2. User can turn off cookies files access to his device. In this case user can still use service, but without function which require that.

3. Administrator use internal cookies to:

- configure service

- recognize user's devices and its location and display website adopted to their individual needs.

                - type size, website design/ look... ect

- realize of the processes necessary for full website functionality

- customize the content of the website for users preference and optimalizng of the use website services. Files allow to recognize the basic parameters of the user's device and properly display the website adopted to their individual needs.

analyse, research and viewing audit

- create anonymous statistics to help understand how users are using website, which can improve structure and content

ensure safety and reliability of service

4. Administrator use external cookies to:

- gather general and anonymous statistics information via analysis tools Google Analytucs [administrator cookies: Google Inc., located in United States]

- use interactive features to make more popular the website by using social network [Administrator cookies: Facebook Inc, located in United states or Facebook Ireland located in Ireland]

5.  User can anytime modify all cookies settings, changing conditions of storage and gaining access do users device. User can change settings by using website browser or service configuration. All settings can be adjust by users to block cookies in web browser or inform them whenever posting cookies on users device. More details and ways how to use cookies are available in software settings (web browser settings).

6. Users can anytime delete cookies by using available features in web browser, which them use.

7. Refuse to use cookies may affect some of the functionality available on the Website

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