At IdeaSystems our coaches are not only experts in implementing IT systems, but also they have professional knowledge, education and experience of the field of business management. The training conducted by them is not simply the stereotypical instruction of how to use a computer program, but rather they aim to demonstrate the appropriate use of tools like CRM and BI in a broader perspective, one which aims to maintain and improve the work efficiency of a company and the smooth functioning of the company as a whole.

Thanks to the excellent knowledge that our trainers have of the specifics of the advertising and printing industries, IdeaSystems is able to offer employee training that is guaranteed to suit the needs of employees in the areas of:

  • Sales Department
  • Customer Support
  • Graphics Department
  • Head of Production
  • Production
  • Administration
  • Management

The form and style of our training methods are adjusted to meet the individual needs of our customers in order to ensure maximum effect. Our training frequently takes advantage of proven methods, including:

  • Lectures and presentations
  • Practical work and exercises
  • Case studies with analytical discussions
  • Simulations of business processes
  • Individual training for project coordinators

All classes can take place both on-site, or through on-line consultation.

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