Customer Support and IT Services

In the interests of quality service to our customers, we have created a package of support services to help your employees in their everyday work. Our consultancy staff constantly strive to provide the highest level of customer service satisfaction and place full priority on the efficient and smooth functioning of the company.

  • Our Technical Assistance package includes:
  •  Remote analysis of any notified problems within 4 hours
  •  Implementation of service requests within 8 hours
  •  Managing servers and databases
  •  On-line consultation with industry consultants
  •  Updating security keys (e-certificates) twice a year
  •  Updates to the latest purchased retail versions of our systems at least three times a year at no additional cost.

Additionally, for all our customers we offer a help desk service, which includes:

  • Telephone based-support
  • An online information exchange platform:
  • Ability to file and monitor the status of requests
  • Ability to monitor the status and settlements of systems
  • Access to an FAQ database
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