How does it work?

How does the system help to save time?

PRESTOPrint helps to eliminate organizational mess.  It obliges employees to perform the tasks assigned to them on time, at the same time providing them with all the necessary tools and information that they need to do this.  This results in a reduction of the time necessary to obtain an order and increases productivity by shortening the course of the realization of the order.

How can the system help to resolve disputes?

PRESTOPrint allows you to settle disputes between partners participating in the fulfillment of an order or between employees within the company.  In the case of an misunderstanding, an authorized person may use the system to gain access to the history of an order and related logs (lists of activities performed by employees).  Our Web-to-Print technology helps to eliminate any misunderstandings or confusion between your company and your customers with regards to order parameters.

How does the system manage files?

PRESTOPrint makes is possible to integrate files (business documents, contractor files, preview files, RIP files, colour profiles etc.) with the order.  All files are stored on a secure company server.  The file structure excludes the possibility of accidental overwrites or replacements.  After completion, the files are automatically archived.

Projekt jest współfinansowany przez Unię Europejską ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego.