Production planning

This module supports the planning of production within a printing house by means of optimizing costs and production times.  The system helps to react in a crisis situation (e.g. machine failure) by allowing for the adjustment of productions plans to new circumstances.

Automatic production optimizer

The planning process of production and the distribution of the loads placed on individual machines can be controlled and supported by the automatic assistant function of PRESTOPrint.  This function can automatically manage the process of optimizing the production plan.  Such optimization may be carried out by the criteria of:

  • Fastest possible order fulfillment
  • Lowest cost order fulfillment

Manual planning

Any authorized employee can be provided with the ability to manage the sequence and distribution of specific tasks on each machine.  Information about the tasks is automatically sent to all workstations within the PRESTOPrint system. Data from the employees of various departments will automatically update the schedule of orders, giving a realtime image of the activities of the entire printing house.

Controlling the production process

By combining the functionality of a production manager with a fully mobile system, it is possible to supervise all work carried out in the printing house from anywhere in the world.

Compacting orders

The compacting function provides the ability to plan the printing of multiple orders on one continuous surface. This technique can allow for significant savings, especially when dealing with numerous small-print orders.

The main functions of the production planning module:

  • Ability to choose the optimal path of production
  • Automatic estimation of task execution time based machine performance efficiency
  • Automatic assistant to support production planning
  • An easy-to-use drag-and-drop timeline planning function
  • Sheet creation wizard
  • Planning and reservationof materials in the warehouse
  • Reservation of machines in long-term planning
  • Time management, downtime, machine maintenance
  • Ability to shareorders (print one order on multiple machines)
  • Suspending and cancelling tasks
  • Sample print service
  • Support for critical events (e.g.machine failure)
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