Integrated CRM

The CRM module lets you record any form of contact or interaction with your customers, manage a catalogue of calls, meetings, arrangements and tasks.  The intuitive interface of the CRM module allows you to easily and effectively perform any necessary operations.  Data obtained from the customers via communication with employees can be added to the module in order to provide a starting basis for assessing the effectiveness of sales activities.  The results of implementing CRM functionality in an organisation is usually an improvement in the quality of customer service. The CRM module has been deployed in many organisations worldwide and has an excellent track record, including within the printing industry.

Key Features of the CRM module:

  • Registration of contacts and interactions with customers
  • Easy method for threading customer contacts and tasks
  • Ability to create tasksfor other users and departments
  • CRM integration within the modules oforders, quotes and PRESTOmail
  • Automatic notification of tasks to be performed

An instant source of information on customer information

Thanks to the CRM module, the time needed access critical business information can be shortened to a few mouse clicks.  The CRM module eliminates the need to communicate in person with the knowledge-holder to find out what he/she knows about issues such as meetings, talks, offers, contracts - as this information is all stored within the module.  This model of customer interaction registration also greatly reduces the chances that there will be a shortage of critical information.

An indispensable tool for time management and control

Our system provides the ability to designate tasks to an employee or a group of employees and allows for the efficient management of your business timetable.  Scheduled tasks appear on a user’s desktop, as well as on the schedule.  Using drag-and-drop technology it is now even possible to manage the tasks of large groups of employees with ease.  For authorized individuals, there is a special view option that allows them to manage and control the activities of employees in commercial and customer service offices, this is done by the monitoring of a schedule of meetings.   Such technologies allow you to avoid the situation in which meeting times overlap.

Integration of CRM contacts and tasks with documents

The ability to integrate CRM technology with your orders, offers and mailsallows you to complete the document by any registered form of contactor interaction.This allows you to collect all relevant informationin one place, providing a method which reduces any potential difficultiesin dealing with customers in the future.


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