This module allows you to create, modify and control the order at any stage of creation, including shipment or installation. The order form created for PRESTOconcept is designed to meet even the most complex product orders, even those which involve multiple subcontractors.

PRESTOconcept’s customized cost tree can:

  • easilydefine complex products
  • exactly identifyall costs (e.g. costs of intermediate products, services or employee costs)
  • Perform automatic costconversion, margins/overheads and pricesall provided in the cells of the tree
  • Perform rapid automatic calculation of product numbers
  • Simulate the delivery costs

On the basis of production tree, it is possible to generate a list of goods and semi-finished products which need to be ordered from the supplier, or reserved in the warehouse.  To provide an extra element of control, this module includes logistical and customer contact information to assist in the procurement of goods and services.

Key functionalities of the order module include:

  • An easy-to-use client order form
  • Ability to group multiple orders per customer in campaigns
  • Amethod to describe productsby cost elements,including: materials, intermediate products,services, business resources, staff time , etc.
  • Aproject graphic management tool integrated with the order
  • Web-to-concept compatibility (e.g.remote graphic design acceptance by the customer)
  • Definingtheworkflow and departments involved in the implementation of the contract
  • Determining the mode of payment, collection and settlement options, and multiple delivery addresses
  • Full details of all clientsincluded in the order form
  • Inclusion of the work of subcontractors in the production process
  • The ability to create notes, CRMinformationor emails in the order
  • Connecting and organising documents (e.g. assigningincoming e-mail offersor contracts)
  • Full service guarantees and terms and conditions of orders
  • Full PDF support
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